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Leadership Council

The Leadership Council meets the first Tuesday of the month at 4:00 PM.  Only elected Council members can vote but all church members are welcome to attend.

Chairperson  Pam Landon
Treasurer      David Oliver
SPRC Chair    Steve Odegaard
SPRC Vice-Chair  Rebecca Groff
Lay Leader  Gerald Bair
Endowment Chair  
KPUMC Annual Conference Rep    Gerald Bair
Trustee President   Dale Bohrer
Trustee Vice-President     Joe Fulmer
Finance Chair      Ed Harapat
Finance Vice-Chair   Paul Klesner
Memorial Committee   Jean Bisinger
Nurture Coordinator  Carolyn Oliver
Education   Jolene Whiting
Secretary/Leadership Council      Thelma Perry
Outreach & Worship Coordinator   Sue Covington
UMW President  Michele Gilliam
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