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What Visitors Can Expect

Kenwood Park United Methodist Church visitor expectations


You should be greeted inside the door by our greeters and given a bulletin by our ushers.  You are welcome to take any open seat in our pews. 


On a typical Sunday morning, we generally have about 70 to 80 people at our service.  Casual dress is normal but some wear blue jeans.  Suits are seen occasionally. 


We have a traditional service with piano and organ music.  Occasionally our bell choir will play.  We have a choir and Sunday school during the school year. 


We have communion the first Sunday of each month usually by taking a cube of bread and drinking a small individual cup of grape juice.  After the service, we go downstairs to share conversation, coffee and cookies.   


We have an elevator accessible from the 34th St lower entrance that is manned by one of our members.  We have large print hymnals but most attendees just read it from our large 75" televisions in the front. 


If you need to get away from the TV, telephone, or lawn mower, and are looking for a sense of peace that can be obtained by worshipping with your God,  we invite you to come and be a part of our worship family.

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